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Mark Twain once said, "I can live two months on a good compliment." pg 39

A few years ago, my circle of friends turned me onto a book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It's an interesting and practical view on how we express love to one another. He's got a simple and conversational style and, despite mixing of metaphors, it is a fantastic read. He offers a very simple perspective on why love tends to fade over time and offers practical ways that you can maintain or rekindle love between people (focused on couples and spouses). I was given the basic gist of the book from my friends and it all made sense.

The weight loss continues! I will not be stopped! RAWR!

I did some extra measurements this morning to go along with my monthly photos. My belly is 46.5" around currently, so I checked my first measurements that I did for Insanity and I started at 50.5"! I've lost 4 inches around my belly. :)

This goes into into my Top 10 favorite things Obama has ever said:

(excuse the short clips of Chris Matthews, it was the best I could do using their sub-clip feature):

Evolution is a controversial topic among the religious-at-large, but it isn't among scientists (many of whom are religious). When I talk about Evolution to people who do not believe in it, I usually find that they don't actually understand the Theory of Evolution. So, I'd like to address a couple of misconceptions about Evolution and then talk about why I would like you to take some time to sincerely consider the case for it. There is some technical info below.

While weight fluctuates from day to day, so I may pass this boundary a couple of times in the next week... today marks the loss of a marathon! 

I've lost 26.2 pounds! Not only is it a marathon, it also marks the loss of 10% of my entire body weight. When I started my diet and exercise regimine I weighed 262 pounds, so 26.2 pounds is a full 10%!


The issue of wealth inequality across the United States is well known, but this video shows you the extent of that imbalance in dramatic and graphic fashion. The video, which started going viral on Friday and whose traffic continues to climb on YouTube — reflects the facts as seen from many different sources. We present it without comment, letting you, our readers, be the judge.

I took a "before" photo when I started doing the Insanity workout. My joints weren't able to survive Insanity, but I've been rollerblading and biking every day as well as counting calories. I decided to keep taking photos at the beginning of each month to see if I could watch a change happening in my body. I've lost more than 20 lbs so far (crazy), but the changes are still subtle. Click on the photo below to see a large version:

Pascal's Wager is a idea that religious folks, especially Christians, use against atheists all the time, even if they don't know that the idea is called Pascal's Wager. In short, the wager goes like this: If God doesn't exist you gain nothing for believing and lose nothing for believing. If God DOES exist, you gain heaven for believing and you get stuck in Hell for not believing. 


I cannot tell you how angry it makes me when I hear about investors who hire assistants overseas or outsource app development or WHATEVER, especially the ones who are Republicans and/or Conservatives who have been bitching at Obama and Democrats for ruining our economy.

Guess what?

If you fucking love our country so god damned much, then fucking love OUR country!


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