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This is what is wrong with Android.

I'm watching this presentation about what's new in Android M (the next release of Android) and I encounter a statement at (minute 17:00) that so perfectly encapsulates what is wrong with Android. They are describing some of the new UI features they have included and they get to "the FAB". It stands for Floating Action Button and it is part of Google's standard UI for things.

I'm always incredibly amused when fans of RIM (Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry) tell me that it's totally making a come back... and since the new Blackberry OS 10 supports Android apps, it will totally open up the market to all of the Android developers! Right? ..... right? 

Uh huh.

Blackberry sucks at technology.

Grammar: The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.

One of my FAVORITE muscians is Jonathan Coulton. He makes all sorts of original geeky music and he is featured regularly when we get together to play Rock Band.

The upcoming episode of Glee is supposed to feature Baby Got Back... by Sir Mix-a-lot? Yeah.. not so much.

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