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about my life in general, my friends, family, etc.

One of my FAVORITE muscians is Jonathan Coulton. He makes all sorts of original geeky music and he is featured regularly when we get together to play Rock Band.

The upcoming episode of Glee is supposed to feature Baby Got Back... by Sir Mix-a-lot? Yeah.. not so much.

I just set up a new T-shirt store for my grammar nerds!

It's true. Jehovah's Witnesses can SEEM like really nice people, but they will TURN ON YOU in a heartbeat... and more viciously than some other religions. I think it has to do with a high level of devotion to the religion. The more serious you are about those beliefs, the more seriously you take your orders.

Most people like to post their "2012 in Review" and their "2013 Resolutions" posts before the end of the year instead of in January. This year I've been engrossed in so many good things and I have been brewing so many things in my head that it's taken me this long to put together a post.

2012 started with a lot of work in January. Kyle and I put in many late nights working on app software for the Australian Open of Surfing 2012 at Manly Beach in Australia. There were some interesting technical hurdles to overcome using new hardware, new software and running an event in an entirely new location which is on the other side of the world!


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