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Watching the fictional Will McAvoy talk to people on Twitter shows me just how much people do not understand the Debt Ceiling fiasco we repeatedly go through. So, I'm going to attempt to create an understandable analogy. Please leave comments and help me refine it!

Today's political silliness comes in the form of BARACK OBAMA: PRESIDENT FOR LIFE.

The "I told you so"s are flying around social networks this morning as conservatives are all abuzz about legislation introduced in the House to abolish term limits for the President.

"SEE! I told you he was going to try to take over and ruin our country!"

You may or may not have heard about "Right to Work" legislation fights happening in Michigan and other midwestern states. It was really confusing to me at first because of the terminology used.


If you missed my opening post about this train wreck of a propaganda piece, then read 2016: Obama's Colonial America.

I went and watched 2016 to see what all the hype was about. I burst out laughing at several points during the movie because some of the things he says or transitions he makes are so ludicrous. It's full of standard manipulative associations between unrelated things, often without evidence, intended to make you FEEL like what he is saying is true. If you watch it with eyes and ears that want to believe it, it will be AMAZING to you and you'll most likely believe every word of it.

When Barack Obama was re-elected last week, my thoughts quickly turned to how Republicans and Fox News would respond to the loss. I hoped the response would be to break out of the Conservative Thought Bubble. Alas, no, the popular narrative seems to have become that black and brown people just want free stuff. *sigh* This started the very night of the election, even before Obama had won!

Earlier today I wrote about the Conservative Thought Bubble and Rachel Maddow is doing a segment tonight on the very same thing. Unsurprisingly, she is more eloquent than I am. I'll embed video here once it is on her website. She started listing off all of the ridiculous conspiracy theories and Conservative Thought Bubble ideas that simply aren't true.

Many, many people have spoken about the Conservative Media Thought Bubble. Bill Maher. Andrew Sullivan. etc. .. and I know, I know, your response is that there is a Liberal Thought Bubble as well. Ok, let's let's take a look at the premise. I hope that you read this and give it some sincere thought because I think our ability to work together as a nation relies on it. I know this is long, but, Conservatives, please give me a moment of your time. 

I wrote this just before the end of the 2008 Presidential Election. 

We hear people talk about how this election is one of the most important of our time. It's an historic election... etc, etc. Most people think it's so important because it'll either see the first Black President or the first Female Vice-President. 

I don't think that's why it is important. 

The following Letter to the Editor was published in the Elko Daily Free Press back during the 2008 Presidential Election. I saved the link back then, but they no longer have the content available online. I kept a copy of it because it was so important to me... because it was about me.

Editor: Is Elko's fabled friendliness in jeopardy? 


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