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Wikileaks: All Headline, No Scandal: Hillary's Instructions for Killing Chris Stevens in Benghazi

A friend of mine who doesn't really follow politics much, but who knows I'm a political junkie, contacted me about a scary headline he saw relating to Hillary Clinton's emails and asked me if it was true. He's awesome. Critical thought and skepticism are sorely lacking today and I give major credit to those who are willing to double-check information.

Here's the big scary headline:

Wikileaks: Hillary email found showing instructions for killing Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens was our Ambassador who was killed in Benghazi, Libya. If this headline were true, that would be an amazing bombshell... but you know what's coming next. First, let's make sure we understand the claim. They have three aspects of the claim that supposedly add up to "instructions for killing Chris Stevens."

Claim #1) Hillary Clinton was sending emails on her private server that included details about where Amb. Stevens would be at a certain time (having a meeting in one hour). 

Claim #2) Terrorists could have hacked her private email server and seen the email saying where he would be in an hour.

Claim #3) Those terrorists could have used that information to go find him and kill him.

I went and found the actual wikileaks email in question, found here.

Ok, so this sounds pretty damning, right? Huma Abedin sent an email (it wasn't Clinton) saying Amb. Stevens was going to a meeting in one hour... and then Amb. Stevens is killed! ... 17 months later.

Yes, that's right. The email that is setting conservative hair on fire was sent on April 24th, 2011 about a meeting one hour from then. The attack on Benghazi that killed Amb. Stevens happened on Sept 11, 2012.... 17 months later.

It's a great headline though...

All headline, no scandal.