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Futurama quote about Evolution got me Facebook jailed for "Hate Speech"

I was put in Facebook jail this morning (can't post, can't comment, can't even use Messenger), because I supposedly posted "hate speech." What did I do? I referenced a quote from Futurama:
As a professor of science, I can assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
I appealed the decision and FB said, "Nope, still hate speech." I appealed the decision again and FB allowed me to give an explanation and I did:
This is just about a quote from the cartoon "Futurama", not hate speech. This is part of a podcast group and every episode of the podcast opens up with a quote from the Farnsworth character who says, "As a professor of science, I can assure you we did indeed evolve from filthy monkey-men." This isn't an attack on men, it's just a quote from a cartoon that is used as the opening to the podcast. It's literally one of the security questions you have to answer to even be allowed to join the group so that the admins know that you actually listen to the podcast. The podcast is a pro-social-justice podcast that supports equal rights for men, women, LGBTQ people, etc, etc. Look at the discussion, not just the one out-of-context comment.
And FB said, "Nope, still hate speech." What the fuck is going on here?